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Research Methodology

Our research methodology used to create our reports is based on and cross-checked via dozens of orthogonal information sources, including:

  1. Our in-house (over one terabyte) database of the Defense, Public security, and HLS industry, which is updated daily – over the past 19 years.
  2. Our analysts played a leading role as R&D managers and marketing managers in the commercialization of dozens of security-related products and systems.
  3. Our analysts participate (since 1990) as attendees, speakers, and chairpersons in hundreds of conferences and exhibitions.
  4. In-house expertise of professional analysts, each of which played an active role in the market before joining HSRC.
  5. Information we collected during the consultation jobs we have performed in the past for hundreds of government agencies and the private sector defense and security companies (while we retain the confidential information provided by these bodies, it provides us with valuable general market and technology insight).
  6. We conduct face-to-face “On Record” and “Off the Record” interviews with industry managers and experts during conferences and trade exhibitions.
  7. We extract data from government budgets and bidding (e.g., RFP) documentation.
  8. We established an “Old Boy Network” of experts and decision-makers who agree to exchange information on a bilateral off the record basis
  9. Open-source information sources such as SEC-10k and IPO prospectus documents provided by stock exchange by traded companies.
  10. We review individual procurement contracts in countries that provide the information under their “freedom of information” acts.
  11. As the members of our analysts’ team have held executive and level C positions in the industry (e.g., chairman, board member, VP R&D, VP marketing, market & technology analyst), we know how to focus on the relevant information that industry managers need to make their decisions.
  12. From time to time, we participate, as members, in dozens of governments and others (e.g., NATO, SPIE, IEEE) defense and homeland security advisory committees. This provides us with a unique insight to the – decision-making process of the customers of HLS and defense products.


At the end of the day we fuse the data collected from the sources, analyze their quality and come up with our market/technology assessment.

Stating all this research methodology and orthogonal data collection procedures and analysis, we ask our clients to be careful with the information we provide. We encourage our customers to take it with a grain of salt as we have learned that like any intelligence and forecasting service we can get some information wrong.

HSRC Research Methodology
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