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DeepFake and Fake News Media is On the Rise

The Counter Deepfake and Counter Fake News Software Solutions Market report is the first report to cover this up and coming market, focused on detection and mitigation solutions for Fake News and DeepFakes:

  • Fake News – the deliberate creation of false reality to influence public perception.
  • DeepFake – manipulated videos or audio produced by AI, that yield fabricated images and sounds that appear to be real.


There are two major categories of DeepFake detection tools, however, at the end of the day, it may be that both types of DeepFake detection methods will be needed in order to mitigate this potential threat. These include:

  • Pattern Analysis – looking and analyzing the behavior of people in the videos, learning the patterns, from hand gestures to pauses in speech, and comparing it to real life patterns. This approach has the advantage of possibly working even if the video quality itself is essentially perfect.
  • Quality of Video Analysis – analyzing the differences between deepfakes and real videos. Most deepfake videos are created by merging individually generated frames into videos. By analyzing the essential data from the faces in individual frames of a video and then tracking them through sets of concurrent frames one is able to detect inconsistencies in the flow of the information from one frame to another. This can also be used for face audio detection.


Fake News are disseminated via networks of fake profiles, bot networks and smart utilization of social media, therefore, most tools developed and used to detect fake news are geared towards finding, analyzing and stopping these networks and bots. These tools are a mix of OSINT and Cyber technologies.


Intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies are further understanding that the threat of an “information warfare” is increasing rapidly, and are spending growing budgets on technology that can detect and counter #fakenews or #deepfakes media. Furthermore, as the usage and threat of DeepFakes and Fake News intensifies, so do efforts to develop new detection methods, resulting in the next wave of (mis)information warfare. The proliferation of technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, allow wide scale and easy to use solutions to create synthetic media that seems very real, either in video, photos, or text. In combination with networks of fake profiles, bot networks and smart utilization of social media, the attackers have many ways to influence either the public or specific individuals. As media and technology are now being used for cyber terrorism, criminal activity, espionage and military warfare, the new age of information warfare threatens democracies worldwide, pushing governments to combat this threat with large investments.


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