HSRCArchived Market Reports Saudi Arabia – 2nd Largest HLS Market in the World

Saudi Arabia – 2nd Largest HLS Market in the World

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Increasing concern over Iran’s growing influence, backed by its nuclear ambitions, as well increased Al-Qaeda activity in the region, has triggered a rapid increase in the quality and quantity of security systems being purchased by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states. Of particular urgency is the need to upgrade the defenses of critical infrastructure such as oil refineries, pipelines and terminals. This effort includes a plan to build a 35,000-man oil industry protection force and “unprecedented coordination of air defenses and expanded joint exercises between the U.S. and Arab militaries”.

With a cumulative homeland security market valued at $97 billion (2010 – 2018), Saudi Arabia is the second largest, and among the most unique, HLS/HLD markets in the world. Responsible for protecting 24% of the world’s oil reserves, the Kingdom has created a complex maze of 24 HLS-HLD organizations numbering more than 250,000 people

Saudi Arabia Homeland Security/Homeland Defense
Market Growth by [$Billion] – 2008-2018
Saudi Arabia HLS/D Market Growth

Actively spending its resources on state-of-the-art technologies and services, Saudi Arabia is creating unparalleled business opportunities, some of which include:

  • Saudi border fence – Thousands of kilometers of state-of-the-art border & perimeter protection technologies
  • Security of the Hajj Annual Pilgrimage – An Olympics-size event
  • Oil Industry Security – Additional 35,000 people, doubling airport and maritime security personnel
  • Private Sector Security – Banking & Financial, Utilities Infrastructure, Transportation

HSRC’s groundbreaking report, Saudi Arabia Homeland Security Market Outlook – 2010-2018, is a product of years of research, personally led by HSRC’s Chairman, Dan Inbar. The result is a comprehensive roadmap of this fascinating Homeland Security market.

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