HSRCArchived Market Reports National Security Spending Outlook in 20 Countries: 2009-2018

National Security Spending Outlook in 20 Countries: 2009-2018

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How will the global economic recession impact individual countries’ national security spending? In our new market report Global Homeland Security, Homeland Defense & Intelligence Markets Outlook 2009-2018 (launched November 2008), Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC) analysts analyzed the national security spending of 20 countries. Based on each country’s economic status, they determined the potential impact, and generated a 10-year national security spending outlook for each examined country.

20-Country National Security Outlay [$Billion]: 2008 & 2018
National Security

The Report concludes that on the backdrop of the global economic crisis, the national security spending (the cumulative national defense, intelligence, homeland security and internal security spending) will remain recession-proof in all the 20 countries reported.
Furthermore, the new study concludes, among other

  • Several countries like China ,India Saudi Arabia Indonesia and Turkey driven by internal and external security challenges, are forecasted to double their national security spending over the 2008-2018 period.
  • Most other countries’ national security spending growth rate will be linked to their GDP growth.
  • In spite of the wall street meltdown, the U.S. will spend 38-40% of the world’s national security spending.
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