HSRCArchived Market Reports IED Threat Might Migrate West to US, Europe

IED Threat Might Migrate West to US, Europe

On Thursday Oct. 31st DHS Secretary Chertoff will join Sen. Collins to unveil a bill aimed at addressing the IED threat within U.S. borders. Indeed, a recent research report by (HSRC), 2008-2012 Global Counter-IED Markets and Technologies Forecast, analyzing current and evolving Counter-IED efforts, predicts that if IED does indeed infiltrate our borders, the market for counter-IED technologies will see unprecedented growth. The outlay for counter IED efforts will more than triple over the next 5 years, from a total of around $5 billion in 2007 to around $18 billion in 2012.

This growth will be driven by the changes in the nature of the response to the IED threat within our borders. Such a response will be completely different from that used to face the threat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Consequently, the technologies and tactics used in this conflict will have to undergo radical transformations, creating unprecedented opportunities for newcomers with innovative technologies.

Gil Siegel

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