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Counter IED Technologies

As counter IED technologies evolve, so do IED detonation techniques, creating a new kind of arms race. According to (HSRC)’s research, 2008-2012 Global Counter-IED Markets and Technologies Forecast released in July 07, this unique situation creates a robustly dynamic counter-IED technology market, hungry for innovation and “out of the box” thinking, and eager to test best-in-class, next generation technologies.HSRC’s Research Examines and Analyzes 71 current and next generation IED Technologies including: Quantum Entanglement, Non-linear Junction Detector (NLJD), Anti IED Devices, Thor IED Zappers, JIN – Joint IED Neutralizer – Ionatron, Counter-IED Reconnaissance Planes, Aerostats, Microwave Based Explosive Caches Detection, IED Volumetric Detection, Ultra Wide Band High Powered Electro Magnetics Technology.

Below is a photo of a specialized IED (Improvised Explosive Device) Clearing Truck, designed to scan the ground (see the horizontal panels) for buried bombs/explosives.

IED Clearing Truck

Gil Siegel

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