HSRCPress Releases The Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Market to Reach $606 Billion by 2024

The Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Market to Reach $606 Billion by 2024

New Market Research Report: Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Market to Reach $606 Billion by 2024

WASHINGTON DC, Jan. 29, 2019

According to a new market research report “Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Market – 2019-2024: 8-Volume Mega-Report”, published by Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC), the global homeland security & public safety market is expected to grow from $431B in 2018 to $606B in 2024, at a CAGR of 5.8%.

HSRC is proud to publish the industry’s gold standard for homeland security & public safety market research reports. The report consists of 16 vertical, 24 technology and 43 national market reports, segmented into 630 submarkets.

This 2420-page market report is the utmost comprehensive review of the global homeland security & public safety market available today. The objective of this mega-report is to provide today’s strategic decision-makers with an expert 360-degree, time-sensitive, detailed view of this interconnected market.

17 years have passed since 9/11, and the global public safety & homeland security market, technologies and industry are forecast to go through major shifts. According to the report, market growth will be driven by the following factors:

  • Terror
  • New and maturing technologies, (e.g., UGV, Counter drown systems, artificial intelligence, big data & data analysis, smart sensors, AI-based cybersecurity, 5G, TETRA & LTE emergency communication and AI based video analytics)
  • President Trump’s national security & law enforcement agenda
  • Organized crime
  • PRC President Xi’s internal security policy
  • Cybercrime and cyberterrorism
  • The turmoil in the Arab world – the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and the Shia-Sunni conflict
  • An “invest whatever it takes” approach of autocratic and semi-autocratic governments (e.g., Saudi-Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Turkey) to avoid regime change
  • High security spending by governments (e.g., Israel, Brazil, Nigeria) exposed to high risk of terror and/or crime
  • Climate warming-related natural disasters growth

The Asian-Pacific & North American markets will continue to dominate the market, holding together over 50% of market share during the forecast period. Market analysis by country shows that Saudi Arabia, UAE, the U.S.A. and Israel are the leading countries in terms of market size per citizen. Additional questions answered in each of the 83 reports include:

  • What is the market size and what are the trends of 83 markets & 630 sub-markets during 2017-2024?
  • What are the submarkets that provide attractive business opportunities?
  • Who are the decision-makers?
  • What drives the customers to purchase security solutions and services?
  • What are the customers looking for?
  • What are the internal security technology & services trends?
  • What are the 83 markets SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)?
  • What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?

With a highly fragmented market we address the “money trail” – each dollar spent, according to technology, vertical, national, revenue source and expenditure markets.

The Global Homeland Security & Public Safety market is analyzed and crosschecked:

By 24 Technology Market Reports:

  1. Automatic Border Control (ABC)
  2. Big Data for HLS and public safety
  3. Bio-Agents & Infectious Disease Mitigation
  4. Biometrics
  5. Border & Perimeter Barriers
  6. C2/C4ISR Systems
  7. Chemical, Hazmat & Nuclear Detection
  8. Counter-IED Technologies
  9. Cybersecurity
  10. Decontamination of CBRN & Hazmat Incidents
  11. Electronic Fencing
  12. Emergency Communication
  13. Explosives Trace Detection (ETD)
  14. Information Technologies (w/o Intel & Cyber)
  15. Intelligence Services IT
  16. Intrusion Detection Systems
  17. Metal Detectors
  18. Non-Lethal Weapons
  19. Personal (Ballistic & CBRNE) Protective Gear
  20. Standoff Explosives & Weapon Detection
  21. Tomographic Explosive Detection Systems & BHS
  22. Video Analytics
  23. Video Surveillance (w/o Analytics)
  24. X-Ray Screening

By 16 Vertical Market Reports:

  1. Aviation Security
  2. Border Security
  3. CBRN Security & Safety
  4. Critical Infrastructure Protection
  5. Diplomatic Corp. Security
  6. Immigration Enforcement
  7. Intelligence Agencies
  8. Maritime Security
  9. Mass Transportation Security
  10. Natural Disasters Mitigation
  11. Perimeter Security (w/o CIP)
  12. Police Modernization & Other 1st Responders
  13. Private Sector Security (w/o CIP)
  14. Public Events Security
  15. Safe City
  16. Other Vertical Markets

By 43 National Market Report:

1.    U.S.

2.    Canada

3.    Mexico

4.    Colombia

5.    Brazil

6.    Argentina

7.    Rest of LATAM

8.    UK

9.    France

10. Netherlands

11. Belgium

12. Sweden

13. Denmark

14. Germany

15. Austria

16. Italy

17. Spain

18. Poland

19. Czech Republic

20. Russia

21. Rest of Europe

22. Turkey

23. Israel

24. Saudi Arabia

25. UAE

26. Qatar

27. Kuwait

28. Nigeria

29. South Africa

30. Rest of MEA

31. India

32. China

33. South Korea

34. Japan

35. Australia

36. Azerbaijan

37. Kazakhstan

38. Pakistan

39. Taiwan

40. Singapore

41. Malaysia

42. Indonesia

43. Rest of Asia Pacific

By 5 Regional Market Reports:

  1. North America
  2. Latin America
  3. Europe
  4. Middle East & Africa
  5. Asia Pacific

Other reports focusing on specific technology or vertical markets related to the homeland security and public safety market include:

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