HSRCPress Releases Homeland Security and Public Safety Agencies to Spend $11 Billion on Big Data Surveillance by 2022

Homeland Security and Public Safety Agencies to Spend $11 Billion on Big Data Surveillance by 2022



According to a recent report by Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC), security and public safety organizations are spending large sums of money on big data infrastructure and software, in order to deal with growing global security threats. The rising use of smartphones, computers, and other personal devices is creating huge amounts of data, making it possible to track and analyze potential threats. The research, Big Data and Data Analytics in Homeland Security & Public Safety: Global Market 2017-2022, forecasts that by 2022, spending on big data will reach $11 billion.


The big data trend is leading to new opportunities for intelligence processing, exploitation, dissemination, and analysis. Big data collection improves the investigative capabilities of security and intelligence organizations when dealing with issues of war on crime & terror, cyber defense and public safety.


HSRC forecasts that the big data market will witness rapid growth in APAC and Europe, with an expected CAGR of over 20% for both regions, particularly in China and Western Europe.


The big data report breaks down industry spending by verticals, as follows:

  • Government Intelligence Agencies Big Data
  • LEA & 1st responders Big Data
  • Defense/Military Intelligence Big Data
  • Financial Services & Fraud Detection Big Data
  • Cyber Security Agencies Big Data
  • Border & Customs Control Big Data
  • Mass Transportation Security Big Data
  • Intelligence Fusion Centers Big Data
  • Critical Infrastructure Security Big Data


The report also provides a breakdown by data sources, region, leading countries and technology.


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