HSRCPress Releases X-Ray Security Screening Market to Grow From $ 1.9 Billion in 2020 to $2.6 Billion by 2027, According to a New Report

X-Ray Security Screening Market to Grow From $ 1.9 Billion in 2020 to $2.6 Billion by 2027, According to a New Report

COVID-19 Created 54 Multi-Billion Dollar Business Opportunities, Totaling $2.2 Trillion During 2020-2024

WASHINGTON DC, Jan. 28, 2022 

X-Ray Security Screening (Transportation, Defense, Postal, Perimeter, Baggage, Cargo, People, Container & Vehicle) Market – 2022-2027 – With COVID-19 Impact

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 28, 2022  The new market report (625 pages, 364 tables and figures) published by HSRC, a market research company, X-Ray Security Screening Market – 2022-2027 – With COVID-19 Impact, concludes that:
• The market is expected to grow to from $1.9 Billion in 2020 to $2.6 Billion by 2027.
• China’s internal security funding (larger than China defense budget) will drive the industry
• The COVID-19 pandemic limited the 2020-2022 X-Ray security screening budgets in the airports and land transportation
• The COVID-19 Pandemic is forcing security organizations to change the way they operate. They have to focus on the cost-performance of new X-Ray screening systems and services
• E-commerce growth during the pandemic resulted in a >50% hike in need to screen postal Items

Global X-Ray Security Screening Market [$B] – 2020 & 2027
X-ray Security Screening Systems Market Report: Segmentation Vectors

Covering 156 sub-markets, this report is the utmost comprehensive review of the global X-Ray Security Screening market available today. It is the industry’s gold standard for X-Ray Security Screening market research reports. This report aims to provide today’s strategic decision-makers with an expert 360-degree, time-sensitive, detailed view of this interconnected market.

Why Trust the Report:
• Past HSRC X-Ray screening reports. Over the previous 20 years we published every two years an updated Global X-Ray Security Screening Market report. Among the hundreds of clients that bought these reports are about all the global X-Ray Security Screening vendors, as well as dozens of governmental security agencies
• Comprehensive Report. If you are looking for a comprehensive strategic investigation of the Global X-Ray Security Screening market markets available today, this report is for you.
• Bottom-up Research. The report provides you with bottom-up exhaustive research of 156 X-Ray Security Screening sub-markets
• Product Prices. The report includes the prices of over 140 X-Ray screening systems
• Unique Analysts Team. Our multilingual team brings 40 years of hands-on record in the X-Ray industry, corporate positions of chairperson, CEO, CTO, chief scientist, VP R&D, VP marketing, $8 Billion of products commercialization and publication of 340 market reports
• Extensive Research. HSRC allocated its analysts for six months to set up this market research. The team conducted interviews with dozens of experts. It reviewed over 450 reports, documents and papers published by other experts
• Multi-Source Intelligence Verification. With a highly fragmented market, we addressed each dollar spent. The global X-Ray screening market was analyzed and crosschecked via five orthogonal viewpoints: technologies and services, sectors, countries, revenue sources and regions
• Corona Impact. We used our (published) research of the pandemic markets

Why Buy this X-Ray Security Screening Market Report?

A. Questions answered in this report include:
• What are the trends of the 156 sub-markets during 2022-2027?
• What are the submarkets that provide attractive business opportunities?
• Who are the decision-makers?
• What drives the customers to purchase X-Ray based solutions and services?
• What are the customers looking for?
• What are the X-Ray security screening technology & services trends?
• What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?
• How does COVID-19 affect the market?

B. The Global X-Ray Security Screening Market data is analyzed via 5 independent key perspectives. With a highly fragmented market, we address the “money trail” – each dollar spent, and the Global X-Ray Security Screening market is analyzed and crosschecked via 5 orthogonal viewpoints:

• By 6 X-Ray Security Technology Markets:
1. Container-Vehicle Screening Systems
2. 1st Responders X-ray Systems
3. Small Aperture X-ray Systems
4. Medium Aperture X-ray Systems
5. Cargo Screening Systems – Cargo X-Ray
6. People Screening Systems (AIT) & Other Technological Markets

• By 6 Vertical X-ray Security Markets:
1. Aviation Security
2. Land Transportation Security (Vehicle X-ray)
3. Maritime Security
4. Secured Perimeters & Buildings
5. Postal Items
6. Defense

• By 24 National X-Ray Security Markets:
1. U.S.
2. Canada
3. UK
4. Germany
5. France
6. Scandinavia
7. Italy
8. Spain
9. Russia
10. Rest of Europe
11. Turkey
12. Saudi Arabia
13. GCC (w/o Saudi Arabia)
14. Nigeria
15. South Africa
16. Rest of MEA
17. India
18. China
19. South Korea
20. Japan
21. Malaysia
22. Indonesia
23. Australia
24. Rest of Asia-Pacific

• By 5 Regional X-ray Security Markets:
1. North America
2. Latin America
3. Europe
4. The Middle East and Africa
5. Asia-Pacific

• By 4 Revenue Sources:
1. System Sales
2. Aftersale Revenues
3. Planning & Consulting Services
4. Training Services

C. Detailed market analysis frameworks for the market sectors are provided, including:
1. Market drivers & inhibitors
2. Business opportunities
3. SWOT analysis
4. Competitive analysis
5. Business environment

The report also presents:

• U.S. Government prices of more than 110 X-ray screening products

• Twenty current and pipeline technologies: Conventional 2D X-ray, Dual Energy X-ray, Quasi-Dual Energy X-ray, Dual-view LINAC-based container – vehicle screening systems, Variable View X-ray, Quasi 3-D Dual View Dual-Energy X-ray Imaging, Backscatter Screening, Coherent Scatter 2D X-ray, X-ray Diffraction, Single Photon Counting Based Dual-energy X-ray Screening, Dual-energy LINAC-based container – vehicle screening systems, Multiple Beam Based X-ray Diffraction Explosives Detection, Advanced 2D Dual X-ray Backscatter Screening, Cabinet X-Ray Imaging, Small Angle Scattering with an X-ray Grating Interferometer Improvised Explosives Detection, Fused X-ray, Single view LINAC-based Container – Vehicle Screening Systems, Single view Gamma-based Container – Vehicle Screening Systems, Dual-energy X-ray postal items Screening Systems, Single energy X-ray postal items Screening Systems.

• 24 Vendors: 3DX-RAY, Adani, Analyzed Images, Astrophysics Inc., Auto Clear U.S., Eurologix Security Ltd, FISCAN, Gilardoni SpA, Inward Detection, Leidos Inc, LIXI Inc, MINXRAY Inc., NUCTECH Co. Ltd, OSI Systems, Polimek Electronics, Rapiscan, S2 Global, SCANNA MSC Ltd., Smiths Detection, Todd Research Ltd., Vanderlande, Vidisco Ltd., VOTI Detection, Westminster International, X-Ray Center Ltd.

For readers who wish to acquire more information: the report includes 8 in-depth appendices:
• Appendix A: X-Ray market background by Country
• Appendix B: X-ray Baggage, Cargo, People, Container & Vehicle Screening Technologies
• Appendix C: The X-ray Security Screening Industry
• Appendix D: X-ray Security Systems Industry: Business Models & Strategies
• Appendix E: Air Cargo Approved X-ray Screening Systems (ACSTL)
• Appendix F: IATA Airport Screening Checkpoints Recommended
• Appendix G: Improvised Explosives & Military Explosives
• Appendix H: Glossary & Abbreviations

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