HSRCArchived Market Reports Force Protection: International Counter-IED Outlay to Exceed U.S.

Force Protection: International Counter-IED Outlay to Exceed U.S.

Countering the growing IED threat all over the world is rapidly changing the outlay picture of this emerging market, which is now predominantly American. In fact, the international (other than U.S.) counter-IED outlay is forecast to grow faster than the U.S. over the 2008-2012 period, and even exceed it by 2013. According to Homeland Security Research Corp.’s (HSRC) research, 2008-2012 Global Counter-IED Markets and Technologies Forecast, the total consolidated International Counter-IED outlay over the period 2008-2012 will come to $8.7B, with a 14.1% CAGR.


Europe, for example, is forecast to see a spreading of IED activity on a significant scale. Consequently, European police and paramilitary counter-IED operations will undergo a rapid cycle of adopting new equipment, and of training and deployment of emerging technologies. Since some countries in Europe have the infrastructure in terms of personnel, their adoption cycle will be relatively fast (probably about a year). Further, contrary to the U.S. market, the international market (size and distribution) reflects a shift (mid-term) from armored trucks and “Defeat the Device” technologies (the Iraq Syndrom) to UAVs, SW, intelligence and “Defeat the System” philosophy.

Gil Siegel

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