november, 2019

18novallday20Smarter Border Management18-20 November, 2019, London

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Smarter Border Management is the leading forum for the border management community and the question of how to secure our borders has never been more critical. According to Accenture, annual international passenger numbers globally are set to double to 7.3 billion by 2034. Freight volume is projected to double by 2030, and net migration to Western countries is estimated to mushroom to 98 million by 2050. Coupled with the continued threat of terrorist activities within our borders, trends of increasing migration and traveller movement, and the ever-growing e-commerce market, border management is at the forefront of the international agenda.

Today, border agencies are being asked to process an ever-increasing flow of passengers and goods, often with a decreasing budget for their operations. Within this context, it is clear that the future of cross-border travel and trade is dependent on the increased roll out and capability of automated border control, biometric identification and large scale information systems.

Smarter Border Management 2019 is the only event to provide an interactive forum for collaborative discussion and a detailed consideration of best practice and organisational capabilities t hrough a thorough examination of cutting edge technology and infrastructure solutions, This year’s conference will build upon the success of our 2018 event, which brought together 120 leaders in border security, policy makers, experts and stakeholders. Join us this year for a fresh take on smarter border management through the realisation of big-data solutions, including risk-based screening and biometric trends.

By attending this conference you will have:

  • Gained knowledge of how other countries are implementing ‘smart’ border measures
  • Learnt about the range of smart technologies and solutions in the market
  • Enhanced your insight into problems faced by other countries, and how they have solved similar problems that I am facing
  • Discovered potential alternative action to controversial ‘smart’ upgrades
  • Become an expert on the future of border management technological adoption


november 18 (Monday) - 20 (Wednesday)


London, UK


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