may, 2018

14mayallday1733rd Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition14-17 May 2018, Orlando, Florida

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At the mark of our 33rd year, SCIP adopted the theme of ‘Next Generation Intelligence’ for our annual conference to highlight  the heightened need for a higher standard of evidence; a greater degree of credibility; and an agile, quick to action organization. Significant market complexity and ambiguity means it is time for industry levels to intelligence professionals to master a much tighter integration of intelligence into core strategic planning and decision making processes. They must innovate, automate and collaborate enterprise-wide on the collection of competitive and market intelligence in order to achieve greater efficiency and increase speed and effectiveness.  

In 2017, we focused on individual skill sets and linking key foundational abilities to the team’s organizational ability to make robust decisions and drive success. What are the skill sets required for preparing an individual for the intelligence profession, and what is the composition of a modern team ? How do you steer the organization in the right direction?

Now the time has come to look forward. How do you take risk by utilizing the latest techniques that are available? How do you improve your predictive skill sets to “see the future”? How do you gather and analyze the new types of data that is at our fingertips? How do you increase your speed and agility in an ever changing market? These questions and more will be answered this May at this years International Conference.


may 14 (Monday) - 17 (Thursday)


Orlando, Florida

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