HSRCDownloads Banking, Financial Services, Retail & Payment Services Cyber-Crime

Banking, Financial Services, Retail & Payment Services Cyber-Crime

  • Today’s financial services Trojans typically utilize an updatable and encrypted configuration file which is stored in the file system, the registry or is actually embedded in the Trojan itself. Types of institutions being targeted by Trojans:
  • Nearly every sector of financial institution is targeted, from commercial banks to credit unions. Traditional banking websites were the focus of most of the campaigns, but attackers are also exploring different institutions that facilitate online transactions. Institutions that facilitate high volume, high value transactions, such as Automated Clearing Houses (ACH), have. been. targeted,. as. well. as platforms shared by a number of banks and even payroll systems.
  • Attackers prefer to target institutions in developed countries with sizeable populations and wealthy residents. This makes sense as there is a large potential base of individuals to compromise with a high potential return. Different global factors can influence attackers’ decisions, such as spoken languages and countries where international transactions are more difficult and require local steps to launder the money.

Number of Institutions Targeted by Each Trojan

More information can be found at: U.S. Financial Services: Cybersecurity Systems & Services Market ““ 2016-2020

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